The following links will take you to resources with information about opportunities at UCSF for design professionals and contractors:

Advertisement for Bids
View public notices to contractors, subcontractors, and members of the general public about projects that are currently out for bid at UCSF Campus.

Advertisement for Prequalification
View public notices for specific contractor trades for which prequalification information is being requested.

Announcement to Prequalified Bidders
View public notices to contractors, subcontractors who have been selected through the prequalification process.

Bid Summaries and Contractor Listings
View Results from projects that were bid and listed subcontractors.

Awarded Contracts
View the lists of contractors who were awarded contracts, and start and end dates of projects.

Public projects currently open for bidding can be found at BuildingConnected.

Architectural and Engineering Services or Consulting Request for Qualifications (RFQs)

UCSF campus Contract Services


Are you a campus client with questions about a charge? You can look up a Recharge Statement with your DeptID and Work Order number. 

Are you a contractor with questions about how to submit an invoice? Directions for submitting Contract Invoices as well as for billing against a UCSF Purchase Order are provided on the Supply Chain Management website.